Reading list 2008

This is the latest list. My tastes have veered towards non-fiction - namely business, strategy and marketing books.

Currently reading:

  1. Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  2. Know-How by Ram Charan

To read:

  1. Authenticity by Gilmore Pine
  2. The Breakthrough Imperative
  3. An Army of Davids by Glenn Reynolds
  4. Competing in a Flat World by Fung, Fung and Wind (hmm their last names sound the same to me, I’m Chinese)

Already read

  1. The Global Business Leader by Frank Brown, INSEAD Dean. Very insightful and frank, just like his name.
  2. The Undercover Economist by Tim Hartford. Interesting examples. Met him at his talk in Singapore (blog entry).

Any more good books you’d like to recommend me? Post a comment.


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